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The place where you can submit your aged wiring harness to be fully serviced, customized to achieve the reliability you expect and need from your Classic Mercedes Benz.

In here you will find a knowledgeable engineer with years of experience refurbishing classic wiring harnesses to make them perform as new ones.

Custom projects are welcomed.

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“Blimey Leo, I think this customer was very, very lucky to have found you, I can’t imagine many auto electrical engineers would have taken this on!”


“It is indeed a significant achievement. The reason that professionals won’t take work like this is because it requires single minded focus and time; lots of time…..    If I was retired and bored I’d love to do work that required the creative thinking that Leo is amply demonstrating.”

Colin Ferns, UK

“This is incredible. The world is blessed to have guys like you who are willing to do the deepest of dives into very challenging subjects”

Jack The Knife, sl113.Org

“Great research and diagnostic work…..”

Peter van Es, Honorary member

“I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Leonardo Peterssen’s electrical harness rebuilding service based on my recent experience with him”

Roland Boucher, sl113.Org

Recent projects


  • MB W108 diesel

    This project was developed for a customer in Dominican Republic who bought a W108 with an unfinished OM617 diesel engine transplant

  • MB W113 / 560 SL

    This was a very demanding wiring harness project for a customer from USA - TN who bought at auction an unfinished MB W113-230SL on which an R107 560SL drivetrain’s was installed

  • Dream MB W109-6.3 on 4.5 suit

    This wiring harness project was developed for a customer in Germany who finally found his dream w109-6.3 with only one problem : body was rotten to an unfixable extend….


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