MB W113 Charging System Upgrade and Patch

MB W113 Charging System Upgrade and Patch

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This Upgrade&Patch harness has been designed to address all major common flaws found on MB W113 old wiring harnesses after being in service for many years.

New always hot lines, like the one that comes to cabin from the alternator, and the one that goes on the segment alternator/starter are part of this patch harness.   Also T50 cranking signaling cables, the ones that activate the starter are on this patch.

All provision has been made to allow you to install a new internally regulated alternator (like Bosch AL69X), gaining overall system performance and boosting what is most important: reliability.

Give your old classic MB Pagoda the chance to perform like a champ eliminating all known weak points found on original tired wiring harnesses.

This sub-harness will run along the original one, which should be disconnected at the points we indicate.