MB W113 Rear Timed Defroster harness

MB W113 Rear Timed Defroster harness

Regular price $650.00

NEW Harness with innovative design.

It has been developed on the petition of a famous MB Restorer in UK having in mind originality and practicality. 

This design, in contrast to the original one used on mid 60' MB Pagodas, incorporates a timed relay in combination with a lighted switch, that has the same looks and feel as original.

The main advantage of this approach is that if you accidentally left your defroster on, it will automatically shutdown after 15 minutes. 

Complementary components, as timed relay and lighted switch shown on pictures, can be easily sourced at any specialized retailer for less than 100$.  This disbursement is much lower than the one you will have if you decide to keep original harness design which requires a specific switch that sell for more than 500$.

So, if you want to save some money and add practicality to your MB pagoda go for this solution we propose.

The switch nor the timed relay shown on pictures is included on the selling price.

  • Switch part number = lighted switch for W108 / W114 
  • Timed relay part number = 107 820 01 10