MB W113 230SL Cold Start Harness upgrade

MB W113 230SL Cold Start Harness upgrade

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Finally available a plug and play solution for MB W113-230/250SL owners which suffer from inconsistent cold starts.

Early MB Pagodas up to year 1967 used a cold start logic that had three components that worked together to control the CSV and ENRICHMENT SELENOID, those where:

  1. "One second" three prong cylindrical relay
  2. Standard four prong rectangular relay
  3. Screw terminal type TTS (thermo time switch)

Timed one second relay (1) is NLA and prices for used units surpass 500$.  And with an used unit you have no certainty for how long will it work as it is intended.

Original style TTS (3) units with screwed type terminals are incredible expensive also, selling for 900$ in some cases.

This PATCH HARNESS takes into account all the problems mentioned above. 

With this harness you will have consistent starts on you MB W113 as it uses the COLD START LOGIC implemented by Mercedes since 1968 on all its mechanical fuel injected production cars.

This harness will not change the look of your car, and will allow you to use more readily available MB electric components:

  1. Standard 4 prong rectangular relay, instead of a timed one second relay
  2. Standard 4 prong relay
  3. Modern TTS as implemented on W126, which cost new 85$.  A connection adapter is also provided if you want to stick to your old style TTS.

With this PATCH HARNESS you will save hundreds of dollars in replacement components (500+900=1,400$) to bring back your COLD START system to its former glory.

This is a cost effective and permanent solution that will give you the reliability you want on your Sunday drive with components available everywhere at a reasonable price point.

Relays and TTS shown on picture not included.