Add a safety hazard relay harness


MB W113 Hazard Relay Sub Harness

MB W113 Hazard Relay Sub Harness

Regular price $395.00

This sub-harness is made from new matching colors cables and terminals connectors. 

Available in two different versions depending on you car built date or actual type of connectors installed.

  • Old version
    corresponds to cars produced up to 1967 with old style bakellite 12 pin terminal connector on the steering column switch (screwed connector)
  • Newer version
    is for Pagodas produced later than 67' with plastic terminal holder (socket style connector).

Price Basis
This article seems to be expensive, but is not. It has to be considered that, apart from labor cost,  just the 12 pin male connector needed on this built sells for 87.50 GBP  on MB specialized suppliers because it is NLA directly at Mercedes. This wiring requires two connectors like that, therefore materials expenditures on building this harnesses are above 200 USD.

Hazard Relay/Switch not included

This harness is compatible to any Mercedes Benz W113, 230SL, 250SL, 280SL.

You have to provide us with a photo of your steering wheel multi-switch terminal, which is located just below the steering column

This harnesses will be available to order by the end of October 2023

In order to have a fully functional hazard light system on your MB, you need to order from any Mercedes specialized reseller a BOSCH hazard relay 0 335 240 002.