W113 A/C Harness

W113 A/C Harness

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Totally new harness to let you install with confidence a modern Air Conditioning system on your loved MB Pagoda.

Designed to run on R134 refrigerant gas which requires a lot of power for the condenser fan circuitry.

  1. Fused MB style relay for MAIN System
  2. Fused MB style relay for Condenser Fan
  3. Changeover main relay to inhibit system during engine cranking
  4. High/Low refrigerant gas pressure protection circuitry for compressor
  5. Condenser fan triggered by 100C Temp switch & Medium pressure switch at dehidrator
  6. Dehydrator terminals at firewall next to wiper motor as on MB original design
  7. Compressor on lower right position

Premium quality materials and workmanship.  All terminals carefully labeled.